Long term project to construct a full set of fully functional cyber wear. All components must have that definite cyber visuals but should also have as much functionality as possible. Lots of lights (lol), all programmable and controllable individually, are a bare necessity.


  • Master Control Glove – left hand, main user interface
  • Secondary Interface Glove – possibly, right hand (low priority)
  • Tactical Cyber West – lots of space for power, storage, computation, peripherals, …
  • Bracial Connector Straps – connects west with gloves
  • Cyber Field Boots – heavy footware
  • Tactical Cyber Trousers – legware
  • Interactive Cyber Spectacles – protect those eyes
  • Headware – be creative
  • Special Transport Field Unit – a trusty cyber horse
  • Cyber Gear Control App – connect to real world via smart phone
  • Universal Cyber Force – Deep Investigation Unit


Master Control Glove

Finger Tip Sequences on Master Control Glove


  • fingerless glove (left hand)
  • Arduino Nano control unit
  • 4x finger tip touch
  • 1x thumb tip touch (disengageable)
  • 4x dorsal hand light (bright blue independent PMW LEDs)
  • 1x OLED display monochrome 128*64 (I2C)


  • power supply 5V connection to arm
  • I2C connection to arm
  • bluetooth (serial (TX/RX) + 5V)
  • mic (VCC/GND, ADC – maybe on west instead)
  • rtc-modul? (I2C + 3.3VCC + 3.3 bat)
  • make back of circuits moisture resistant
  • SD-Card (here or in TCW, uses SPI, pins 11, 12, 13 + one more (e.g. 10))
  • wireless module (e.g. NRF24L01, via MISO/MOSI, SCK, 3.3VCC/GND, CE/CDN (any digital pin)

Secondary Interface Glove

  • fingerless glove (right hand)
  • tba

Tactical Cyber West


  • west
  • blue led line
  • power supply (ion + pluggable, 5V min)
  • lots of leds (neopixel)
  • spark arduino for neopixel
  • I2C to MCG
  • speaker (bluetooth and/or cable)
  • head lights (power leds)
  • individual strap on label (e.g. “Universal Cyber Force”, “Tactical Cyber Force”, “Emergency Cyber Unit”, “Criticle Cyber Commando”)
  • (alternatively replace strap with display of some kind)
  • ideally include way to attach hover board on back for transport
  • possibly master control program here instead of glove
  • wireless communicator for boots (here or in glove)
  • SD-Card for file storage

Brachial Conncetor Straps

Connecting gloves with west, carrying power (5V) and I2C. Should be lined with neopixels (only sensible thing to do). Construction with Baumarktriemen. Attachable to (and detachable from) Tactical Cyber West and gloves (or wrists). Will need support at elbows at least. Use cables that can carry multile Amperes for power line.

Interactive Cyber Spectacles

Candidates are SEK-Schutzbrille and Cyber-Leuchte-Dings. Lights are mandatory. Light wire? Is any kind of visual indicator (HUD-like) feasible? Google glasses revival! But let's make them cyber! Laser pointer target indicator? Think Borg.

Cyber Field Boots

Heavy Duty Boots! Lights? Possibly. Pressure sensitive inlays to make lights step dependent (and have additional programmable input devices (well hidden) sound like the thing to do. Needs some IC and connection to I2C then - or wireless.

  • independent power supply on each boot – maybe attached to lower leg
  • additional power connection point to legs for backup
  • pressure sensors (at least front and back independently)
  • arduino or similar to control
  • wireless connector to communicate with west and/or glove
  • backup wired connection (I2C?)
  • lights!


  • fancy name for those fancy pants
  • decide on model when west and boots are decided, find something for badass cyber look
  • lights, because lights
  • light wire?
  • arduino to control lights (and I2C)
  • power and data connections (link to boots?)
  • pockets!
  • more straps, I guess
  • will need something blue to match top
  • independent power supply in pocket?

Head gear

  • what to do with hair?
  • what to put on head?
  • How many lights can one head support?
  • (see spectacles)
  • ears?
  • how to include that beard?
  • makeup

Cyber Gear Control App

  • develop android app to interact with gear via phone
  • opens possibility to access the internet from the gear and vise versa
  • gives access to huge amount of files (audio, images, video, whatever)
  • enables complex UI controls and gives lots of computational power

Special Transportation Field Unit (STFU)

  • Hover board (must be black or cyber blue)