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Verbal Morality Statute Enforcer 2000

Open tasks

  • deep speech testen (all)
    • deepspeech (mozilla) auf continuous umbauen
    • deepspeech (paddlepaddle) ausprobieren
  • validation set baun
    • corpora
    • librispeech
  • wort/phrase liste anlegen
    • Ger
    • Eng
  • Ausgabe lösen (wav nehmen? odertts?)
  • Beleuchtung baun (blink-a-lot)
  • Gehäuse (Wandanbringing)
    • speaker + amplifier + power supply
  • Stromversorgung

General Function

The VMSE2000 is the newest iteration in a long standing series of verbal hate crime prevention devices. It is able to detect language violations in all languages for the region of purchase and works in a range of up to 6 meters, while being able to work in conjunction with other instances of the VMSE2000 to cover your available space and keep you safe from dreaded language violations.

Detailed Specification

  • The VMSE2000 listens for speech input and detects language violations
  • Consequences of a detected language violation is a verbal notification as well as a printed receipt for a credit fine of 1$ in BTC including a link to the web page (QR code 2000)
  • The language violation is announced with a sharp warning tone at the beginning for guaranteeing attention to this crime

What needs to be done

Minimum Viable Product:

  • evaluate Kaldi
    • does it still have pre-trained models?
    • does it run on a Raspi?
  • find alternatives to Kaldi
  • data set of language violations
    • leo
    • movie dataset?
    • there should be enough to do a proper train/val split
  • ensure passable noise robustness


Material needed




  • two area micros → rey fragt mal rum
  • two pairs of speakers → rey fragt mal rum
  • amplifier for speakers → rey fragt mal rum
  • two sound cards for Raspi (USB)
  • suitable cases


  • portable power (printer needs a lot of power)